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  • Alexis Quiros Mora
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Ana Karime Rivero Gaska
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Anahily Sintia Himenes
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Armando Morales Kano
    UPAEP, г. Дуранго, Мексика
  • Beatris Antonio Reyes
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Eder Jose Cordero Garsia
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Elisheva Lopez
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Erika Paola Carpio Vazquez
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Francisco Conde
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Gerardo Servin Tovar
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
    As a Latino student in Russia I can say that my perspective of the world changed from the exchange to UrFU. My mind developed skills that I didn't have because of the challenges of venturing into a totally different culture than the one I knew. But there are not only mental challenges, the contrast of the warm climate of the tropics against the cold of the Ural Mountains renewed my innate capacities for adaptation.
    Also the perspective of my teachers broadened my vision of life: I was no longer a young man from a small city in Mexico, now I was a citizen of the world. I was fortunate to have teachers with such great knowledge that it was only surpassed by their willingness to share it with their students and the effort and dedication they left in each of their classes. (Currently I work closely on international projects with one of them). As a sports enthusiast I got a place on the college basketball team where everyone was very nice to me. My teammates cared about me and because of that it was very easy for me to learn their style of play (very different from the western style, indeed). My passion for music led me to get a job as a singer in one of the finest places in the city: a Cuban themed restaurant where I shared songs in my language and rhythm. I also played music for kids twice in a month. Music allowed me to meet people who made me feel like one local more.
    Due to the geographical situation of Yekaterinburg I managed to know many places that I had not even imagined knowing in my dreams. Including Europe, Asia and even Africa. (The snowy Russian forest was one of my favorite places because could practice snowboarding).
  • Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Laura Delia Nunes Gavica
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Laura Sartillo Vazquez
    UPAEP, Г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
    Everything started when I decided to do something remarkable on my life, so why not? take the risk and travel to the other side of the world and go from Mexico to Russia with a culture totally different than mine, with a cold weather, with a different language than English it represented a great and interesting challenge.
    I remember the first day at Russia in the Moscow Airport there was when I realized this will be an adventure cause somebody tried to buy an ice-cream and we couldn't ask for it by words, was with mimics... So that was funny. Then finally we arrived to Yekaterinburg and a buddy was there waiting for us to take us to a hostel and help us to get enrolled with tramits and everything what we needed to do for get a dormitory. After it we met an special person on all our stay in Russia Elena Lysenko she is the director of HRM Program at URFU and the most warm, careful and helpful person even after we finish our program she made me miss less home. We started our program, it was interesting and funny because of communication barriers when we tried to translate from English to Russian or tried to understand what sometimes people or professors said in Russian. All the teachers who were with us made the best job. We had some educational visits to other towns, schools and enterprises where we learn about quality life of people and some interesting topics for our program. After exams we had winter vacations and I made a trip to Turkey and a little Europe trip. Was awesome to spend Christmas and New Year in other countries meeting people and exploring new places and cultures. At January we return to school to finish some exams and back on vacation again this time was at Russia I met interesting cities like Kazan, San Petersburg, Murmansk and Moscow that trip was full of snow specially in Murmansk I enjoyed snow, people and food. Now it was time to come back and work on a dissertation and get our tittle... So the director was assisting and helping us, at first to look for an enterprise to do our investigation and present all our information, then to write and review our articles and jobs, after all we did it and finish our program.
    I'm really grateful with all the people who helped me and everything what I learned. I'm sure to take the risk and go to Russia was one of the best decisions I've ever made on my life. Surely I would do it again.
  • Laura Tellez Ganya
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
  • Maria Guadalupe Perez Lopez
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
    In 2017 I decided to do a master's degree in International Human Resources, I chose to do it in one of the best universities in Russia, URFU.
    Studying in Yekaterinburg was full of adventures, challenges, joys and very special moments. People in Russia makes you feel like in home, and helps you whenever you need it. I understood that who smiles at you in Russia is because he or she appreciates you. I found friends who became my family. And the classes given in English by Russian teachers was a good experience. I had the opportunity to study with people from all over the world.
    I highly recommend studying in Russia, a beautiful country with friendly people, delicious food and breathtaking experiences.
  • Mario Aguilera Cabaliero
    UPAEP, г. Пуэбла, штат Пуэбла, Мексика
    I am a Mexican professional who during 2018 I was living in Yekaterinburg, Russia with the purpose of completing a double degree in the Master of Human Resources at the Ural Federal University. I hope this text will help you to make a very important decision in your professional and personal life.
    In the following text I share a little of how much I lived, learned and experimented when I decided to move to Russia for a year to grow professionally. Without a doubt I fulfilled my objectives and my expectations were surpassed by all experiences accumulated in a part of the world that for a Mexican seems so remote and different. Leaving your country with the intention of studying in another for a few months or years is not an easy decision to make. However, in most cases these are enriching experiences that provide an opportunity to soak up knowledge, culture, friends and good memories. This is undoubtedly my case, having decided to study a double degree in Russia. For me, this not only meant leaving my country and leaving my family for a year, it was also a complete change of life, because Russia is on the completely opposite side of the world to me; with completely different culture, language and climate. While I was studying in my country Mexico, I learned about the opportunity offered by the Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg, to do a double degree in different areas of study; in my case I chose the Human Resources program. The teachers of the University are always glad to help you and to be flexibly with the schedule for making your process of adaptation to this new life easier. All the teachers speak English and all the classes they give you will be in this language. You can also take Russian courses to learn basic and elemental expressions to communicate in stores and other places around the city. The university is big and has different buildings established in different parts of the city, however there is always transportation that you can take outside the dormitories. On the other hand, the university has different extracurricular activities which you can enroll in and it also has different cultural events in which you can participate as a staff or showing aspects of your culture to the university community. Some other extracurricular activities I participated in were: Trip to a Husky farm. Trip to a reindeer farm. Visit to a brewery local factory. Visit to city museums. Guided tour of the city. Congress of local and national companies in the convention center. Attend the victory day celebration. Go to plays. Go to the opera. Cultural events in the spring. Soccer World Cup.
    Some examples of the support I received from this program in Russia is translation in university offices and dormitories. And, I also have recommendations from places like supermarkets, banks and stationeries.
  • Тоmas Dias Garsia
    UPAEP, г. Дуранго, Мексика
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