Food Biotechnology

Program description:

Area of studies:
Branch of science:
Engineering, Technology and Engineering Sciences
Institute of Chemical Engineering
Degree awarded:
Master's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 2 years
Russian, english

Biotechnology is a globally expanding area with respect to both research and production. Food Biotechnology is a branch of food science in which modern biotechnological techniques are applied; on the other hand, it is an essential part of biotechnology aimed at developing new varieties of food involving biological systems in their processing. Different biotechnological processes used to create and improve new food and beverage products include fermentation, food additives, plant and animal cultures, and genetically modified food.

Master’s Program in Food Biotechnology is covering different aspects of studies of microorganisms, cell cultures of animals and plants, biological active substances, processes of homeostasis and human nutrition, conversion of raw materials to products using biocatalysts, e.g. enzymes and microorganisms, principals of genetic and metabolic engineering and techniques for determination of effects of genetic-modified products on bio-objects.

Special attention is paid to application of specific equipment for studying properties of microorganisms and cell cultures produced using different substances in laboratory and industry, training in engineering calculations of apparatus and equipment for implementing biotechnological processes of food and biological additives production, biocatalysis and biocatalytic technologies and to methods of quality control of raw materials, half-finished and final products. 

Another focus of the program is in-depth studying of such biotechnological processes as manufacturing of beer and low-alcohol drinks, milk products production and conversion of plant raw materials and food additives.

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