Technical Operation of Motor-Vehicles, Hoisting and Transportation Machines

Program description:

Area of studies:
Operation of Transport and Technological Machinery and Complexes
Branch of science:
Engineering, Technology and Engineering Sciences
Institute of New Materials and Technologies
Degree awarded:
Bachelor's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 4 years
Extramural: 5 years

The educational program (EP) "Technical Operation of Motor-Vehicles, Hoisting and Transportation Machines" (direction 23.03.03 "Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes") is designed for 4 years of study.The purpose of the EP is to train highly qualified mid-level management engineers (mechanical engineer, quality engineer, maintenance and repair engineer, vehicle repair technician, foreman, supervising foreman, specialist in auto-technical expertise) capable of organizing technological processes and maintenance work, diagnostics and repair of vehicles and their components, monitor the technical condition of vehicles and develop operational and technical documentation.The EP is developed on the basis of professional standards of the qualification level corresponding to graduates of the bachelor's program:31.004 - Specialist in vehicle mechatronic systems 31.010 - Designer in automotive industry33.005 - Specialist in technical diagnostics and control of the technical condition of vehicles during periodic technical inspection

The profile of the educational program is determined taking into account the objects of professional activity of graduates:- vehicles and their components;- enterprises and organizations that operate, diagnose, store, refuel, maintain, repair and service vehicles and their components;- material and technical support of operating enterprises and vehicle owners.A graduate in accordance with the bachelor's qualification will be able to carry out professional activities in the field of road transport and transportation, as a specialist in road transport and service organisations, transport companies and departments.One special feature of the program is the introduction of project training, which is aimed at consolidating competencies in order to implement real projects and obtain long-term knowledge. Disciplines and modules of the curriculum are constructed on a single logic and studied in interconnection, which contributes greatly to better mastering competencies.

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