Program description:

Area of studies:
Foreign Studies
Branch of science:
Social Sciences
Ural Institute of Humanities
Degree awarded:
Master's degree
Intake Year:
Mode and duration of study:
Full-time: 2 years

Unique programme, that will allow you to combine knowledge on regional studies, international relations and language training.

The program "Complex foreign regional studies" is aimed at in-depth study of topical issues of socio-economic and socio-political features of the countries of the region of specialization (Europe, China, Latin America).

The compulsory two foreign languages learning, including English and the language of the region you are study.

Implemented in cooperation with Dalian University of foreign languages (大连外国语大学 , Dailan, Chinese national Republic) and with a network of existing universities of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).




Main modules/disciplines

· Professional communication (foreign language of international communication, Foreign language of the region of specialization)

· History and methodology of foreign regional studies

· Profile of the region in the modern world

· Current issues of modern international relations

· Regional and national security issues

· International project management

· Regional economy

· Pedagogy of higher school

Modules of the student's choice

• Theory and practice of diplomacy

• Socio-demographic processes in the relevant region

• World economy

• International and regional law

• Ethno-linguistic features of the profile of the region

The education programme provides the possibility of learning a foreign language "from scratch" and the possibility of learning a "continuing" language. For the languages of the SCO countries, including Chinese, is possible a one-year internship in the country of the studied language.

Mode and duration of study: Full-time (2 years). Budget and fee-based studying.

Study abroad

Undergraduates participate in grants for training or research funded by Russian and international foundations. Our undergraduates have studied in Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, China and other countries.

During their studies, students can be sent for internships both within the framework of University exchange programs and under student exchange agreements with the SCO and CIS countries.

The master's degree program will not only increase your scientific potential and gain high – quality knowledge in the field of regional studies, international relations, and the world economy, but also give you the opportunity to complete internships in the SCO University system at leading universities in China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and India, as well as under bilateral agreements-in universities in Azerbaijan, Slovakia, and other countries.


· Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic)

· Central European University (Skalica, Slovakia)

· Network University of the Shanghai Cooperation organization (SCO),

· Universities in China (in the cities of Dalian, Changchun, Harbin, Urumqi, Beijing)

· And other



• in the Central office and foreign missions of the Russian foreign Ministry;

• at the representative Office of the Russian foreign Ministry in Yekaterinburg;

• at the Ministry of international and foreign economic relations of the Sverdlovsk region;

• at foreign consulates in Yekaterinburg and visa centers;

• in international organizations (UN, SCO, UNESCO);

• in international departments of organizations of various forms of ownership;

• in tourist business.

Information for foreign applicants

Future occupation:

· analyst, expert, translator

The graduate is prepared to professionally analyze current global and regional problems; develop solutions to regional economic and political issues; develop international relations and form the "agenda" of Russian regions.

· employee of Russian and international companies and organizations

The graduate is prepared to professionally analyze current global and regional problems; develop solutions to regional economic and political issues; develop international relations and form the "agenda" of Russian regions; develop international relations between Russian and international companies

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